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Collaboration on construction projects is important, yet still very difficult by nature: when dozens of companies need to communicate, processes can become slow and information opaque. This often leads to increased costs, missed deadlines, and a lower quality of deliverables.

From a software tools perspective, most companies will work with their own systems and information stays locked away in silos instead of being available to everyone.

Our services

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Web APIs

Be it pulling data from the APIs of your software providers (REST or GraphQL) or making your own data available through the development of a custom API.

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Web applications

Need to implement a custom product to support your team with a certain process? We provide both frontend and backend development services, also known as full-stack development.

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BIM viewers

We can display BIM models and their associated information within a web browser, enabling project teams to collaborate in the most efficient way.

Web technologies play a crucial role making the construction industry more efficient by connecting people and information. We can help you develop any sort of custom tool using these technologies.

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