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We develop software for construction companies

Sortdesk is a software agency specialized in the AEC industry

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Our mission

To make construction as efficient as possible through technology and innovation.

What makes us different

We are a unique blend of construction specialists and software engineers

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We speak construction

Having a background in construction and BIM, we understand your problems; you won't have to reformulate it in developer's terms. Less friction in communication means better products.

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Crazy agile

We favor execution over planning. Releasing early and often, we collaborate with your team and constantly gather feedback to make sure that product really fits their needs.

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Top-notch technology

As nerds at heart, we always use the best and most modern technologies to get the job done. We strive for software that is maintainable, scalable, and secure.

Customer Journey


Free initial consultation

We discuss your project and its requirements, and share our first ideas about the project.


Project plan

We send you the project's requirements, schedule, budget and deliverables. We can work either on a project-base or on a time & material basis.



After your approval, we work on your project. Communication is done according to what method and or frequency suits you best.

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We use extremely precise time-tracking and can provide you with analytics at any given point in time

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We work fully remotely and are used to all modern means of communication like Teams, Slack, Zoom, etc. It's also common for us to be added directly to the organizations of our clients, i.e. Microsoft 365.


What our clients say