Technology consulting

It is hard for construction companies to innovate. Innovation projects often end up burning their budget without actually providing any tangible benefits for the business and/or its customers.

The core business of AEC companies is designing and constructing the built environment, not products, which makes it especially hard for them to innovate and be more efficient.

Our services

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Rapid prototyping

Testing the validity of an idea or the feasibility of a product can often be done in a few days instead of weeks thanks to prototypes.

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Technology review

Are you using the right tools for the right job? Spanning for your tech stack to your communication channels, it's hard to innovate without the right tools.

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What are the most relevant innovation goals, and which will lead to the most positive outcomes? We help you define the most appropriate strategy for your organization

Ahead of the actual implementation, we will provide support in the conceptual process like UI/UX or software architecture. Our broad experience with AEC companies helps us understand the end-users like no other agency..

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