Data Engineering

Construction companies have to deal with ever-growing volumes of data, and it can be difficult to manage and extract valuable insights from that data. Not only does this make the process of decision-making for them harder, but also leads to highly inefficient, time-consuming and redundant work.

Datasets like documentation, blueprints, BIM models, CDE data etc. are oftentimes poorly interlinked, not indexed, and require a lot of human involvement to maintain.

Our services

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Data normalization and indexing

We can structure and clean your data before indexing it so that you'll find the information you need in no time.

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Connectors & integrations

We are able to connect to various source systems, like Excel, SharePoint and Aconex. We can develop custom connectors for most systems on-demand.

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We apply the well-known extract, transform, load paradigm to interlink various data in almost real-time and make it available wherever you need, however you need it.

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Dashboarding & analytics

Nothing beats charts and graphics when it comes to convey important information, helping you make data-driven decisions.

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BIM data

We help with the Information part of BIM, i.e. matching it with your internal Work Breakdown Structure and highlighting quality issues in property sets.

Further than just providing you with technical solutions, we are experienced with the specific domain-knowledge needed on construction projects and will help you with setting up your systems and data structures in the most efficient manner.

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